ACTi introduces TCM-7011 outdoor dome camera

"Weatherproof" and "vandal proof" are two main keywords for an outdoor dome camera. Although ACTi modestly rates its weatherproof cameras with IP66 rating, you will get much more than that – TCM-7011 dome camera can actually dive under water for unlimited amount of time and keep functioning perfectly.

ACTi modestly calls the TCM-7011 as vandal proof, however, you can even use your car to drive over it, and nothing will happen to it – it will keep shooting the video as you drive over it.

Two other dome cameras, ACM-7411 and TCM-7411 are sharing the same mechanical design; therefore they have the same physical capabilities as TCM-7011.

More on TCM-7011

TCM-7011 is the VGA version of a popular TCM-7411 dome camera. The main features of the camera are:

- Supports day and night, indoor and outdoor, hot and cold
- Built-in vari-focal lens 3.3-12mm
- MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 compressions selectable
- VGA resolution (640x480) with 30 fps
- Dual streaming
- Two-way audio; digital input/output for alarm systems
- Wide Dynamic Range for video quality enhancement

Where to use TCM-7011

If you are looking for an outdoor-ready camera that can survive under extreme environment, such as possible vandalism, heavy rain, snow or wind, or extremely cold weather, then TCM-7411 and TCM-7011 are the best options for you. You may choose the TCM-7411 when the megapixel resolution is important for face or license plate identification. For the scenes where the general overview is sufficient, you can choose TCM-7011 with an excellent performance/price ratio.

Ideal weatherproof driven locations for TCM-7011 are semi-outdoor parking lots, bus stops, road intersections for general traffic monitoring, tunnels, etc.

Vandal proof driven locations are schools, night clubs, potentially criminal suburbs, police stations, prisons.