Brooks introduces Global-Lok

Over the past two years, E.J.Brooks has been conducting market research as part of its new product development initiative to further improve the performance and feature levels of mechanical cable seals that are used in cross border and intermodal use around the world.

Being the only security seal manufacturer that is a validated member of C-TPAT as well as a strong believer in independent testing by a third party ISO 17712 accredited lab, global compliancy is Brooks number one objective. However, the logistics community raised other issues that were considered in product design and we are now announcing a breakthrough in mechanical cross border security seal protection.

E.J.Brooks is proud to announce the introduction of the Global-Lok, a high security cable seal that is not only ISO 17712 compliant, but exceeds the ISO 17712 required minimum tensile strength level by 82% with over 4,000 lbs of pressure necessary to pull it apart.

Brooks has surrounded the product design, functionality and manufacturing processes with four (4) patents. Maintaining a plated steel cartridge and locking chamber within its “clip locking system” insures strength performance. In addition, the Global-Lok is over molded with a high impact composite resin that allows superior laser etching of either bar-codes or a company name with six (6) digit consecutive numbering. The new over molded design also assures 100% bar-code readability.

From the examination of components to assembly, decorating and packaging, the Global-Lok product is 100% audited by the use of photo-optical readers a total of four (4) distinct times during manufacturing. Other manufacturers use only a statistical sampling at the end of the line to determine if quality issues exist.

According to cable seal users, other products on the market occasionally demonstrate diameter variances or burrs on the cable ends that translate to either greater difficulty in threading the cable into the locking mechanism and slower handling. A combination of maintaining consistent cable gauge tolerances and the introduction of an automatic rotary twist, cut and fusing process, yields consistent product each time.

The Global-Lok is made from galvanized aircraft cable which was successfully tested on Artic Circle material conveyers and is produced in a 7 X 19 format which means 7 smaller cables are uniformly twisted together each containing 19 distinct steel strands. This design approach yields maximum strength and flexibility.

In addition to the strength characteristics, enhanced bar-code reading, “easy feeding” of the cable into the locking mechanism and increased cable flexibility, safer product handling (no burrs) was also strongly considered. These issues were mentioned as important by the market users and all have been included within the feature profile of the Global-Lok.