BlueStar launches 'intelligent' DVR

BlueStar SecuTech, a leading provider of digital video surveillance solutions in China, is pleased to announce that it has launched China’s first intelligent standalone Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

This new product, developed solely by BlueStar, uses embedded Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) software to detect suspicious or unusual behavior which may threaten safety or security. By using a combination of intelligent analysis and video surveillance, the system can automatically alert security personal in real-time to possible situations allowing for faster and more effective action or preventative measures.

IVS technology works through the use of video analysis algorithms which detect movement or changes in live and recorded video to determine whether those changes represent a possible, ongoing or imminent threat. In the event of a threat, the IVS software immediately alerts security personal, displaying the live video in real time or through notification of email, SMS messaging or audio alarms.

Millions of CCTV cameras are installed worldwide to control access, secure perimeters and monitor for theft, damage or attack. A large percentage of such systems are only able to record for later review or are often unattended. The advent of intelligent DVRs will assist security personnel in detecting and alerting security issues in real time when unusual activity is detected.

The product, which can be utilized in numerous locations including banks, prisons, and public spaces, can be set to alert for perimeter intrusion detection, facial recognition, statistics of people in an area, unattended objects, missing objects and predetermined sounds, for example breaking glass.

Commenting on the new product, Xiao Gang, Chief Executive of BlueStar SecuTech said: "BlueStar has always invested heavily in Research and Development with RMB 7.5 million invested in the first half of the current financial year. This approach ensures we are at the forefront of DVR and surveillance technology in China and underlines our dedication to developing the next generation of video surveillance technology."