Monitronics announces partnership with Varolii

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - December 8, 2010) - Varolii Corporation, the market and technology leader in proactive outbound communications, is partnering with Monitronics International, one of the nation's largest business and home security alarm monitoring companies, to provide home and business owners with real-time updates and maintenance reminders to ensure top performance of security systems and superior protection. While Monitronics currently makes outbound customer service calls to check on a wide range of issues, Varolii's technology will enable personalized, cost-effective automated communications to reach customers in real-time and improve response and capture customer interaction.

The two companies will provide automated, proactive reminders to customers to keep security alarms working in the best possible condition and prevent potentially life-threatening situations. These automatic reminders mark an industry first for security services, and serve more than 700,000 Monitronics customers internationally.

"Varolii's services add an additional layer of customer care through automated voice communications for things like low battery notifications -- this is potentially life-saving information," said Mike Haislip, president and CEO of Monitronics. "Our customers' safety is our No.1 priority and this partnership increases our commitment to it."

Communications to homeowners will include reminders of bill payments, business and technology updates, and low battery notifications. Monitronics' security systems are equipped to send a signal when a battery is getting low and needs to be changed. Following the signal, Varolii will send an alert directly to the customers advising them to change their batteries -- an action that could save them from potential break-ins and security breaches.

Varolii is a cross-channel communication platform which creates a single conversation across all channels to provide recipients with clear, easily understood options to self-serve or take other action. The conversation is tailored to each individual recipient and powered by Varolii ID™, the only automated mass personalization technology on the market today. Varolii ID automatically analyzes the results of each individual's previous responses to customize messages across the various channels and knows when to use each channel for maximum response.

"Monitronics is the first home security company to use intelligent automated communications to proactively reach consumers with critical notifications," said John Pierson, senior vice president of services at Varolii. "This partnership provides consumers invaluable information on their home security systems to provide enhanced home protection while adding a new layer of customer care to the process."