SightLogix launches outdoor video security blog

Princeton, NJ (June 16, 2010) – A newly launched blog from SightLogix provides a forum to help users, designers and integrators learn more about how intelligent video can be best used to secure large outdoor areas and facility perimeters. The blog, located at, features real-world application examples and video clips to illustrate how intelligent video systems can provide effective security for the outdoors while minimizing nuisance alarms and lowering costs.

SightLogix, the leading supplier of intelligent video surveillance systems for outdoors, created the blog to foster an open, interactive and ongoing dialog with the industry on perimeter security and video intrusion detectionperimeter intrusion detection systems, and automatic direction of pan-tit-zoom (PTZ) cameras. It will communicate SightLogix' experience with various surveillance technologies through an informal, interactive format. tools, including video analytics, Readers can receive email updates to the SightLogix blog at Those who prefer to subscribe with their RSS reader can do so at

"Education is an important aspect of applying any technology, and our goal is to provide best practices and reliable data for securing outdoor areas," said John Romanowich, President and CEO, SightLogix. "Our new blog seeks to provide an open channel of communication for the industry about the challenges of protecting critical assets and the technology available to meet those challenges."

Recognized as a leader in intelligent video surveillance systems that provide a solid return on investment, SightLogix delivers a combination of edge-based video analytics, long and wide area coverage and geo-spatial target tracking. SightLogix systems have been successfully deployed around the world to meet the critical security needs of the transportation, energy, utility, chemical, information technology, public safety and defense industries.

SightLogix' products include long and wide-range SightSensor security cameras in both visible and thermal spectrum, SightTrackers that automatically steer PTZ/dome cameras, and SightMonitor GPS target display software. SightLogix works closely with technology partners to ensure compatibility and interoperability with various video management systems, cameras, physical security information management (PSIM) platforms and access control systems.

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