NiSCA announces new staff, student badging system for Mac-based K-12 schools

Somerset, NJ May 13, 2009–Team NiSCA, a business unit of Kanematsu USA, announced today that they partnered with DVR Consulting, Inc. to provide an ID card printing solution for Mac based K12 school systems.

Tragic events of the past changed the landscape of K12 school safety forever. However, a recent research report from the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) indicates that almost 50 percent of school respondents said they still were not using staff or student badges. AASA recommends for maximum security all staff and students should be included in an integrated PC-based access control system that includes badging.
Nearly 80 percent of administrators responding to the survey describe their funding level as “stretched” or “inadequate”.Therefore, requiring many schools to choose between safety and textbooks. At Mac based K12 schools, the challenge is even greater because most badging system are not compatible with Macs. Currently, the few that are compatible are limited in functionality.
“A Mac based school does not need to invest in a PC just for badging purposes,” explains Rob Miskelly, Kanematsu USA Business Manager. “The Mac OS/X compatible NiSCA PR-C101 demonstrates that there is low-cost, common-sense measures each Mac based school district can enact that will increase their security.”
Introduced in 2007, the PR-C101 plastic card printer was designed with the small organization in mind. It offers a simple and affordable out-of-the box solution for high quality, high durability, plastic cards with low maintenance requirements. Mean time between failure is 50,000 cards. The PR-C101 is small enough to fit in an office overhead bin or under a counter making it perfect for a school’s small office environment. The PR-C101 comes with an entry level badging software application.
In June 2009, the PR-C101 will offer a Mac application driver. Mac based schools do not always have the latest processors. This software supports both Mac PowerPC and Intel hardware and Mac OS/X 10.4 and 10.5; therefore, no need to switch or upgrade processors or operating systems.  Printer sharing is available. Staff members can print badges from multiple locations. Additional features of the Mac application driver include Colorsync support (colors seen on the screen are the colors that are printed on the card) and magnetic encoder support (any information printed on the card can be printed on the magnetic stripe).
“The NiSCA PR-C101 printer is the best solution for Mac based digital photo-ID badging which exists on the market today. Its ease of use combined with powerful graphics and database capabilities make it the undisputed Mac leader,” states Don Von Rotz, DVR Consulting president. 
While funding issues will continue to affect some school safety initiatives, significant security program improvements can be made with little or no cost.   
“To help pay the cost of the ID card printer, schools can use the printer to create and sell customized child safety ID cards. These cards are used to help authorities easily and quickly establish positive identification of a child. The card can contain a picture of the child, the parent’s name and contact telephone numbers, an additional emergency contact with phone number, the child's specific personal information, as well as any vital personal or medical information that might be important to include,” suggests Von Rotz.
A NiSCA PR-C101 single sided plastic card printer offers a reliable, low cost ID badging system that is compatible with Mac to Mac based school districts. In addition, all NiSCA ID card solutions are expandable and scalable to fit a school’s need.