Doug Goode joins Gateway Group One

Newark, NJ (June 1, 2009) ­ Gateway Group One, a leading provider of customer care and security services for some of America's largest airports, corporate facilities and public venues today announced the appointment of Doug Goode as VP of Strategic Business Development. Mr. Goode, a 30-year veteran in the private security arena, will play an instrumental role in the company's business development.

"It's wonderful to have Doug join the executive team at Gateway Group One," said Kurus Elavia, CEO of Gateway Group One. "Doug's extensive knowledge of the industry and leadership skills will help Gateway Group One expand into new strategic vertical markets."

As VP of Strategic Business Development, Mr. Goode is responsible for the sales and marketing of Gateway Group One, increasing awareness of its products and services, and helping launch the company into vertical markets.

An entrepreneur and strategist, Mr. Goode helped develop three companies: Brooks Protection Systems (VP Sales and President); Guard Technologies Inc., (Co-Founder and President); and STG & Professional Security Bureau Ltd., (Executive VP and Owner).

Throughout his career, Mr. Goode has played a pivotal role in sales and management of security personnel services where he has built key relationships within banking/finance, healthcare, corporate real estate, and pharmaceutical industries.

Mr. Goode has been a board Certified Protection Professional (CPP) since1981. In his spare time, Mr. Goode lectures on the topic of homeland security and is an adjunct professor teaching courses about security and security management.