Alarm Lock releases online brochure for health care industry

Download Alarm Lock’s new Health Care Brochure today to learn about our low cost, easy to install lock offerings to the medical community. Our variety of sophisticated Grade 1 BHMA certified standalone access control locks are feature rich with audit trail, multi-users and auto lock/unlock capabilities. They are manufactured with the common goal of protecting hospital staff, patients, medical records, medication storage areas, expensive equipment and restricted areas.

Our Trilogy locks are HIPAA compliant which safeguard important patient data with date/time stamped audit trail. Engineered to keep impeccable tabs on who entered what door by date, time and name, our locks are easily installed in less than an hour. Hospitals and doctor’s offices continually turn to our Trilogy locks because they retrofit to any lockset, eliminate the need for keys, complex user training and the arduous task of running wires. Our DL/PDL3000 locks are commonly used in medical facilities because they offer advanced security solutions at less than half the price of a wired system. Each lock is self-contained, battery operated and comes with 40,000 event audit trail and up to 2000 user PIN or HID Prox cards. Facility Managers can simply add, delete or disable individual or group user codes in seconds from the convenience of their keypad.

We have also designed locks that solve privacy issues. Hospital staff can now feel secure in their sleeping rooms, file rooms, single occupancy restrooms, dressing rooms and executive offices all the while locking out unauthorized users with our Trilogy DL/PDL4100 locks. These privacy locks are ADA compliant and feature PIN or PIN/Prox cylindrical and mortise locking styles. DL/PDL4100’s occupied multi-status LED indicator flashes when the privacy session is active. Only when the locks are opened from the inside or when the privacy session “times-out” following a preset period, allows keypad PIN or PIN/Prox access to resume. A self-stick instructional sign guides users on how to activate and deactivate the privacy feature. DL/PDL4100 comes with PIN or PIN/Prox user codes, 500 scheduled events and 40,000 audit trail.

To download our new Health Care Brochure, go to and click on the tab titled "support" on the top of the page. Scroll down to the "Marketing Materials" heading and click on the subheading titled "Alarm Lock’s Health Care Brochure."