APS deploys Videotec PTZ systems

APS is Arizona's Leading Producer of Electric Power and the State's largest electric utility, providing reliable power with quality service at a reasonable cost for over 100 years. APS serves over 1.1 million customers in 11 of 15 counties in Arizona.

APS needs to monitor their critical infrastructure and their substations located all over the state and in areas often difficult to reach. APS had already a video surveillance system in place equipped with a series of thermal imaging PTZ. Due the high-failure rate and high cost of maintenance of these units, APS moved to this Videotec’s solution (www.videotec.com) for effective day/night surveillance.

ULISSE positioning system integrates a high performance P&T head with housing, telemetry receiver and two infrared LED illuminators without external rotating cables.
The rotation on the horizontal axis is continuous with a variable speed up to 40°/s while the amplitude on the vertical axis varies from +90° to -40° with a max speed of 30°/s. ULISSE controls patrol with a tracking accuracy of 0.02° on preset positions recall.

The ULISSE PTZ with twin 20 degree IRBD Illuminators have been fitted with a 1/2" CCD camera and a mechanical zoom lens which gives about 900' (275m) FOV in black and 1350' (400m) FOV in daylight. Integration with different cameras and motorized zoom lens combination is straight forward thank to its side opening housing and connection boards with preinstalled BNC. The Ulisse can be integrated in several different installations thanks to the several integrated protocols or in IP based systems thanks to its seamlessly integration with most VMS.
APS deployed 40 of these units in 2010 to monitor APS substations, with a typical install consisting of two to nine units.

Active infrared night vision like ULISSE PTZ incorporates illuminators that produce high levels of infrared light, and the resulting images are typically higher resolution than other night vision technologies.

Gianni Viero, VP at Videotec Security Inc: “Working close with APS, we offered a valuable solution with one of our state-of-the-art solution for effective day/night surveillance.”

More info at http://www.videotec.com/en/page_427.html