HID Global fuels E-Passport and e-ID adoption in Europe

Company’s latest RFID reader technology deployments expand its role in the accelerating build-out of the worldwide e-Passport, e-Visa and e-ID infrastructure

“Ten years ago, the e-passport was a concept circulating among forward thinking individuals and small groups of associated industry, government and non-government agencies,” said Acuity Principal, C. Maxine Most. “In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 and the subsequent transit attacks in Madrid in 2004 and London in 2005, the e-passport idea rapidly transformed into a foundation for global security. Today, e-passports have not only become mainstream but have also created a multi-billion dollar industry poised to fundamentally change the global travel and border control infrastructure.”

The latest EAC standards mandate that passports contain individual private keys to resist counterfeiting, and require inspecting parties to prove that they are entitled to extract sensitive data such as the fingerprint using digital signatures and a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). For additional security, HID Global uses advanced encryption techniques to protect against unauthorized access to the chip data. The option of field-upgradeable firmware or a read-only memory (ROM) mask is also available, upon request, depending on platform.

HID Global offers a variety of RFID reader board modules that OEM partners can use to develop customized solutions. The read/write readers support all ISO 14443-4 A/B elements, making them suitable for all existing and yet-to-be-developed ISO chips and chip operating systems. The option of on-board or external design with single or dual antennas optimizes configuration flexibility and performance.

HID Global’s RFID readers are part of the world’s broadest portfolio of e-documents, e-passport and e-national ID solutions. The company has a history of industry innovation, including developing and helping to drive deployment of the widely used wire-transfer and wire-embedding technologies for extended contactless e-document durability, and creating patented, thin and flexible ceFLEX inlays that increases e-document resiliency. HID Global’s identiCLASS e-ID embedded reader platform has been nominated as a finalist for the prestigious 2010 SESAME awards held on December 6 in Paris, France.