GateKeeper says its unaffected by shortage of helium 3

ROCKVILLE, MD, January 12, 2010// – GateKeeper USA, Inc. announced today that it is unaffected by the recent shortage of Helium 3. It appears that GateKeeper USA’s competitors are facing other new hurdles. It was recently reported by the New York Times that a program to detect plutonium and uranium in US ports has stalled because the US has run out of Helium 3. Helium 3 is a light non-radioactive isotope of helium that is formed when tritium decays. Helium 3 is a crucial raw material for the screening machines that were to be utilized in shipping ports for the detection of nuclear weapons.

“The shortage of Helium 3 does not have any effect on GateKeeper USA’s CAMS devices ability to detect radiation, as GateKeeper USA is not reliant on this antiquated method of detection.” Stated John Leontakianakos, Senior Vice President of GateKeeper USA.