Fairbanks International Airport installs integrated security system

Hauppauge, NY and Chicago, IL: (January 12, 2010) - Vicon Industries Inc., a leading designer and producer of integrated IP video surveillance and access control systems, and SimplexGrinnell, a leader in fire and life-safety systems, have recently completed installation of an integrated video security system at Fairbanks International Airport. The sophisticated system combines a ViconNet video management system with ViconNet VI video intelligence and access control capabilities from Software House to create a fully integrated, IP-based solution that spans the entire airport, inside and out.

Of particular interest is the use of ViconNet VI video analytics software that immediately identifies individuals walking in the “wrong” direction through or around security checkpoints. Prior to its installation, if a passenger slipped from a non-secure area to a secure area without passing through security, it would have been necessary to evacuate the entire secure area and require all passengers to endure another round of screening, similar to the recently publicized event at Newark International Airport. With the new video intelligence in place, recorded video allows specific individuals to be quickly identified when they bypass security and only they need to be apprehended. “Our use of video analytics for backflow prevention is really an incredible use of technology,” says Mike Supkis, Police and Fire Chief of Fairbanks International Airport.

The entire ViconNet system encompasses approximately 120 cameras and access control points connected to a network that may be viewed and controlled from four different monitoring locations. Vicon’s SurveyorVFT pressurized domes are used in all outdoor locations, where temperatures periodically dip to as low as -60o Fehrenheit. Integration between the ViconNet and Software House systems provides automatic linking between access control events and ViconNet video, so that primary monitors in the control centers immediately display video of any security breach as it is occurring.

Lay-out and installation of the system was performed by the Fairbanks office of SimplexGrinnell, working in coordination with the State of Alaska. SimplexGrinnell is an authorized dealer of Vicon security solutions. For more information about Vicon and its products, visit www.vicon-cctv.com. For more information about SimplexGrinnell or to locate the nearest district office, visit www.simplexgrinnell.com.