GKB announces new video fire detection system

Taichung, Taiwan | May 27, 2009 — GKB today announced the introduction of an new innovative solution called VFDSTM ,short for Video Fire Detection System. The GKB VFDSTM preempts fire-related disasters through the detection of fire and smoke using standard analog video signals over existing surveillance systems. Once the VFDSTM system detects fire or smoke, the server auto-initiates actions which include automated alarms, SMS alerts, and video recording. A VFDSTM can support up to 8 video cameras. In a larger application, a VFDS console server will be controlling up to 16 VFDSTM server and up to 128 video cameras.

Over the last century, losses caused by fire, such as deaths, permanent injuries, property and environment damages have increased rapidly, despite advances in traditional fire alarm technology. According to the statistic provided by the National Fire Protection Association, there were 1,557,500 fire reported in the U.S. alone in 2007; causing 3,430 civilian deaths, 17,000 civilian injures and property damage worth 14.6 billion. Most damage is the result of an inability to response before the fire gets out of control. Responding to these challenges, GKB has developed a Video Fire Detection System (VFDSTM) to reduce fire-related loss of life and property damage by making early stage fire and smoke detection more reliable and more ubiquitous.

There are many advantages of VFDSTM in fire security, including Rapid fire and smoke detection for open spaces, Active Notification on fire and smoke detection, and Compatible with traditional fire panel systems. VFDSTM detect weak smoke and flame within 20 seconds through highly sensitive, proprietary image inspection. Once smoke or fire is detected, the VFDSTM system signals detection via an on-screen display notification, triggers networked sound alarms, and sends out short-message-service (SMS) to mobile phones. Also, the VFDSTM server can connect to traditional fire panels – such as FM200—through a relay box to extend the range of fire detection.

The GKB VFDSTM system is an ideal solution for the preemption of fire disaster in outdoor areas, spacious indoor areas, areas with extreme temperatures, and in structures with ceiling heights over 30 meters. Locations that are well-suited to GKB VFDSTM system include: storage facilities, warehouses, gas station, railway stations, tunnels, mining sites, museums, and many more.