Proximex upgrades Surveillint

Proximex, a developer of solutions for the physical security information management (PSIM) market, has announced the availability of Surveillint 3.6.

The company said the upgrade connects Surveillint to several mass notification and communications systems, which allows companies to effectively manage their outbound communications and resources in emergency situations. In addition, Surveillint 3.6 adds support for several video management, access control and video analytics applications.

"The most important responsibility for any organization is to protect its people and assets and we're extremely pleased to have a vendor relationship with the leader in the PSIM market," said Mark Bell, vice president of sales at 3n Global. "Integration with Proximex Surveillint 3.6 provides a unique opportunity for us to expand our network of distribution for the 3n InstaCom system and greatly increases the power of mass notification."

Mass notification systems have obvious importance in alerting numerous people of emergency situations. Surveillint Business Logic Manager allows operators to assess every alarm as it occurs -- whether these alarms originate from access control, video analytics, intrusion or chemical/radiological systems -- and only alarms mandated by the company are escalated. This keeps security officers from being inundated with non-emergency alerts and allows them to focus on important situations.

Surveillint 3.6 supports the following mass notification and dispatch solutions: Larimore Associates, Inc. Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System, Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration Systems (IPICS) and 3n InstaCom.

"Situational awareness and precise communication is absolutely critical when notifying and coordinating multiple agencies for emergency events," said John Convy, technology alliance manager at Cisco Systems, Inc. "The ability of PSIM products like Surveillint to view, assess and communicate the results of multiple and disparate alarms allows operators using our IPICS solution to have a clear command of the situation and connect with responders via any device wherever they are."

Surveillint 3.6 adds enhanced support for security systems from companies such as Cisco, Nextiva, Vicon, SoftwareHouse, Lenel, ObjectVideo and AgentVI. It also offers direct support for new security systems like GE PicturePerfect, JCI P2000, Cisco IPICS, 3n InstaCom, Notification, Augusta Systems EdgeFrontier and ICxT PureActiv. These additional integrations offer Proximex customers access to more than 40 out-of-the-box technology integrations and additional technology interfaces are being added frequently.

"Our goal is to provide customers with a solution that quickly and effectively manages critical incident information so that the proper resources can be dispatched to these events," said Mark Saeger, president and chief operating officer for Larimore Associates, Inc. "Proximex Surveillint integrates extremely well with our CAD System as it first allows operators to assess alarms to see if an incident requires dispatch. By providing more awareness of the situation from the beginning, we focus resources on incidents that require dispatch, thereby helping improve officer safety and protecting the community they serve."