Furniture locks for contactless LEGIC cards

data mobile, the Austrian supplier of hardware and software solutions for security technology, is the new partner of LEGIC Identsystems Ltd. The partnership will lead to new innovative products above all in the area of wireless locking systems. Thus with chipbox, data mobile offers a set for simple electronic retrofitting of cupboard, locker and furniture locks for contactless identification technologies.

The technological core of the solution is the highly integrated contactless reader chip LEGIC lockstar. This was specially developed for battery-operated offline locks and enables freestanding locks to be conveniently integrated into an access control system. In this way furniture locks can be opened and administered very simply using the same card.

The partnership will enable data mobile to integrate the flexible LEGIC Smart Card technology into its products. With LEGIC lockstar the company has opted for a reader chip which is not only compatible with ISO standards, but also offers extremely low electricity consumption and a correspondingly long battery life. The chipbox solution from data mobile can be used equally well for locker locks and office furniture as for medicine cabinets or key cabinets.

"For us, the partnership with LEGIC represents a major technological investment in the future", says Thomas Vogler, CEO of data mobile. "LEGIC lockstar is a flexible solution which can be optimally integrated in our existing product portfolio. The requirement for solutions for electronic retrofitting of cupboard and furniture locks is growing enormously. With the partnership with LEGIC we have reacted to this growing demand".

Dr Otto Eggimann, Vice President Sales and Business Development at LEGIC, is delighted at this latest extension to the LEGIC partner network: "This partnership shows once again how flexibly new applications can be integrated into existing solutions by means of our technology. The LEGIC lockstar solution enables the convenience of contactless access, such as in an online access control system, to be used in the simplest way possible. Our users can now benefit from the exciting innovations of our partner data mobile. We welcome data mobile to the World of LEGIC".