OnSSI announces integration with Software House

Pearl River, NY (December 6, 2010) − OnSSI, the market leader in open-architecture, IP-based video surveillance software, released today a new software module that integrates OnSSI’s video management system with the latest version (v1.93) of Software House’s C-CURE 9000 security and event management system.

The integration with OnSSI enhances the C-CURE 9000 event management capabilities with a full IP-video toolset, allowing users to instantly launch video associated with access control events, visually verify and investigate activity at access points and receive events from the video system - turning the C•CURE 9000 control panel effectively into a powerful video client.

The interface incorporates the same video controls as OnSSI’s Ocularis Client. The interface’s Instant Investigation feature allows users to seamlessly transition from live monitoring to playback, without changing the viewing mode.

Through the C-CURE 9000 monitoring station, users are able to monitor groups of up to 16 cameras connected to different recording servers at multiple sites. The video window can be set to display manually or automatically as an event pop-up, with up to four live video windows displayed based on event activation. On-Screen controls include digital PTZ, available in both live and playback, optical PTZ controls, virtual PTZ joystick and start/stop recording, among others.

The integration is available for OnSSI’s market-leading NetDVMS video management system (VMS) and the Ocularis physical security information management (PSIM) platform, incorporating NetDVMS as the recorder component.

"Integration of access control with video surveillance is a powerful combination for the user, and we are pleased to offer Ocularis’ enhanced video capabilities that operate as part of the C-CURE 9000 interface,” said Julio Montalvo, Director of Technical Services at OnSSI. "Merging access control and video surveillance reduces the costs of managing two separate systems in addition to providing an enhanced, unified user experience. Our collaboration with Software House makes this capability available to our joint customers, and we plan to continue to expand the integration to additional OnSSI software solutions."

"We are pleased to work with OnSSI to provide our shared customers with solutions that complement and enhance the capabilities of C-CURE 9000," said Steven Lewis, C-CURE 9000 Product Manager. "One of the core strengths of C•CURE 9000 is the ability to integrate video from many different DVRs and NVRs into a truly unified user experience."

NetDVMS is OnSSI’s market-leading multi-site, multi-server enterprise-scale network video recorder and camera management platform. Featuring the revolutionary Ocularis Client Lite, it provides automated event detection and intelligent video delivery through integration with physical security systems and advanced content analytics.

C-CURE 9000 security and event management system combines industry leading access control capabilities with an easy-to-use "Outlook-like" user interface, IT-friendly architecture and a growing list of integration partners. With the C-CURE 9000 SiteServer security appliance and remote monitoring via a web interface, the C-CURE 9000 is designed to serve the needs of enterprises big and small. Leveraging Microsoft's sophisticated .NET 3.5 technology, C-CURE 9000 provides native encryption and XML data transfer, making it one of the fastest, most secure systems in the industry.

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