RAE Systems introduces wireless modem for gas-detection monitors

SAN JOSE, Calif. – 12/06/2010 – RAE Systems Inc. today introduced the ATEX-certified RAELink3 Z1 modem. It is a long-range wireless modem that provides a reliable and intrinsically safe way for safety professionals to easily integrate gas-and-radiation monitors from RAE Systems, and select third-party companies, into a single RAE Systems’ wireless detection system using ProRAE Guardian or ProRAE Remote safety-monitoring software. This allows multiple detection technologies to be viewed on a single platform with easy access to real-time sensor and global positioning system (GPS) readings.

Monitors linked with the rugged RAELink3 Z1 modem can communicate sensor data and GPS coordinates to a PC running RAE Systems’ safety-monitoring software to view and track sensors, and response personnel. It is part of the AreaRAE wireless gas-detection system, an ATEX-certified multi-gas monitor used in industrial safety, emergency response and security applications to transmit real-time gas and radiation measurement data.

The RAELink3 Z1 modem is versatile and easy to deploy:

- Wireless Bluetooth connectivity simplifies use with RAE Systems handheld monitors by eliminating cables.
- An integrated design enables two monitors to be used with one RAELink3 Z1 modem so there’s less for responders to carry.
- A user-friendly interface simplifies configuration and status checking of the RAELink3 Z1 for quick and easy deployment.

"RAE Systems continues to expand its family of wireless products with solutions that put customers in control of their threat data while making the safety manager’s job easier," said RAE Systems' Vice President of Marketing Bill Jackson. "It’s very powerful to be able to track where people are so when something goes into alarm, you can pinpoint where the threat is and who’s at risk – all in real time."

The RAELink3 Z1 modem transmits system data up to 3.3 km (or 2 miles) and includes three programmable and interchangeable operation modes:

- The Host mode communicates with multiple RAELink family modems (such as the RAELink3 Z1 Remote and RAELink2E), and AreaRAE wireless gas-detection systems.

- The Remote mode connects via serial cable or Bluetooth to detectors, and communicates sensor and GPS data back to a host.

- The Repeater mode is used to route the signal from other RAELink modems to deal with obstructions in line-of-sight communication.

The RAELink3 Z1 modem currently works with the following monitors from RAE Systems:

- GammaRAE II R
- MiniRAE 3000
- ppbRAE 3000
- UltraRAE 3000
- MultiRAE Plus
- MiniRAE 2000
- ppbRAE Plus

ATEX is a standards directive issued by the European Union that includes classifying potentially explosive atmospheres. Zone 1 is a hazardous-location classification for areas where gas, vapor or mist is expected to be present for long periods of time (from 0.1 percent to 10 percent of the time). Industrial plants, such as an oil refinery, have flammable or potentially toxic gases, such as benzene, that require Z1 certified, intrinsically safe equipment be used to eliminate the risk of explosions caused by equipment sparks or high-temperature operation.


The RAELink3 Z1 modem is now available. For details, visit raesystems.com.eu or email raesales@raesystems.com.