Opening Technologies to use deister Electronics' proxSafe

Manassas, VA., March 22, 2010— Opening Technologies announces the incorporation of deister’s Electronic U.S.A.’s proxSafe automated key management system as a principal component in the company’s comprehensive key services program. The program is a turnkey solution, providing end-users with electronic key management, serialized keys, key structure, key tracking software and comprehensive policies and procedures. The proxSafe product line is a suite of electronic key management systems that are scalable, integrate with physical access control systems, provide networked intelligence that improves audit trails, and, as a result of these features, reduce both monetary and time costs.

"Everybody has keys, and most sites are out of control. That’s why we have created holistic key management program," says Martin Burkhardt, president of Opening Technologies. Burkhardt continues, "deister’s proxSafe is a major component that supports the entire solution that we provide. It stands on its own as a technology, and effectively enhances the solution when tied in with our entire key services program."

"We’re proud to support Opening Technologies providing comprehensive key management solutions for the Western United States," says Bill Nuffer, president of deister Electronics U.S.A. "Opening Technologies recognizes that their customers can find themselves often in 'key crisis mode.' These organizations now can help turn that crisis mode into an easily-managed, automated process with Opening Technologies’ services and the proxSafe product line."

In addition to cost savings, one of the key benefits of Opening Technologies’ key management program, powered by deister’s proxSafe line, is the elimination of traditional manual procedures. This ensures that an enterprise’s most important assets are protected by an automated always-on, always accurate, never distracted system. This frees up human resources to focus on more pressing security and safety matters and maximize efficiency of administrative time. Further, it reduces risk and liability for those human resources.