Advent launches new DVR

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Advent Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of digital surveillance technology, announced the availability of its Advent 7000 high-speed digital video surveillance DVR system. The DVR system records video from up to 64 cameras, includes smart search technology, motion driven video recording, high storage capabilities, and 32 frames per second DVD video quality.

The Advent 7000 provides security and surveillance dealers with industry leading digital video speed, storage, quality and expandability for their government, law enforcement, military, city/municipality, campus and education, and large corporate clients.

The Advent 7000 provides the following features for better-quality video surveillance:

• Expandability. A single DVR can record and manage 4 to 64 surveillance cameras without sacrificing performance.
• Quality. All 64 channels are recorded and saved in DVD quality at a resolution of 704x480 in full color. It automatically records in black and white at night.
• Speed. All channels are simultaneously recorded at 30 frames per second in full motion. There is no latency or video blurring issues.
• Storage. The Advent 7000 DVR can get as much as 4-5 times more storage than other similar products because of the way it compresses and stores information.

“We’ve developed software allowing those in charge of security to experience the best video surveillance possible,” said Doug Reed, Advent CEO. “The Advent 7000 allows them to better manage their video, experience greater video quality, and when needed, experience faster searches of recorded surveillance.”

Advent’s software utilizes compression and algorithms to increase storage capabilities. It incorporates the H.264 codec for compression and a grid system for motion recording of changing pixels from movement. For example, if a surveillance camera is recording a room, the Advent 7000 basically takes a snapshot of the room and begins recording only the area where motion is detected.

This combination of compression and motion video recording increases overall storage capabilities. The Advent 7000 records up to 30 days of full-motion video for all 64 cameras.
Smart Searches

The Advent 7000 has the ability to conduct smart searches. Surveillance operators can search by a chosen object and locate anomalies or differences as they happen as opposed to watching hours and hours of video to identify changes.

The surveillance system interfaces with computers and can be accessed by an on-site computer or remotely. The system is also built to be extremely reliable and doesn’t require much support. However, Advent provides 24/7/365 technical support.