Optelecom-NKF debuts new multi-codec video decoder

Germantown, Md. – June 21, 2010 — Optelecom-NKF Inc., manufacturer of market leading Siqura advanced video surveillance solutions, today announced the release of its multi-codec Siqura S-60 D-MC decoder.

Decoding is one of the most important aspects of video streaming: It is the phase through which it becomes possible to view images. Yet decoding is a complex part of compression since there are several different types of encoders out there that can transmit video using an array of different compression standards. Moreover, each standard allows for a wide range of profiles with flexible implementation options. As a result, decoders must be able to recognize and appropriately make a quality image out of the video information they receive from a given encoder.

The Siqura S-60 D-MC is a unique and valuable solution since it can automatically recognize and decompress MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and H.264 into excellent quality images for analog viewing with very little latency. Through a user-friendly Web interface, it is possible to configure an array of features, ranging from serial data streams, duplex audio, and I/O contacts over IP. With an optional SFP slot option, it is possible to use this decoder with fiber optic cable rather than the standard RJ-45 slot and twisted pair cable. These compact decoders are also standardized to commonly-known protocols, making their integration into third-party VMS systems simple and headache-free.

The Siqura S-60 D-MC video servers are part of the Siqura product line, an extensive collection of video surveillance equipment offering complete solutions and reputed for quality and reliability.

The complete list of the Siqura S-60 D-MC specifications can be found at www.optelecom-nkf.com.