Richard N. Best Associates launches new website

LEVITTOWN, PA — Richard N. Best Associates, Inc., a leader in systems integration and innovation for the parking and access control industry, has surpassed the industry standard with the launch of its new web site, Both informative and interactive, the new web site offers instant access to the company's products and services, including innovative new technologies, while also providing avenues for customer and visitor input.

"The launch of represents the culmination of our longstanding vision," says Vice President Jeffrey M. Best. "Now, we can provide our broad client base with instant access to the products, services and emerging technologies that suit their needs, while incorporating a feedback component to help us remain at the forefront of creative innovation in the parking services industry. Not only does it bring our customers closer to us, it connects us with real world innovations that begin with our customers."

Richard N. Best Associates will also utilize the web site to share and promote cutting-edge technologies through its "Best Ideas" page. For example, LimeLight, the first product brought to market by TwistHDM, utilizes high density mesh technology in a wireless solution to provide the new standard for energy-efficient lighting in parking garages. Deployment of LimeLight technology not only increases safety, visibility and lamp life while reducing labor costs, it can also reduce operators' energy bills by more than 65 percent.

"We are pleased to offer so many new online services under the umbrella of one web site," says Best. "We choose our products carefully and have built our reputation around rapid, reliable service but we also know that our customers' profitability depends on keeping track of industry developments. By improving customer access to breaking news, including new technologies and additions to our product line, we can build on nearly 40 years of trust and service."

Established in 1972 and based in Levittown, PA, Richard N. Best Associates takes a comprehensive approach to integrating parking, access, revenue control, CCTV, photo identification and more. Offering state-of-the-art equipment, software configuration and equipment installation secured by ongoing maintenance and reliable service, the company serves Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware as a member of the nationwide PARC Group.

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