Newton Security's T-DAR solution installed at Edmonton International Airport

Seattle, WA — June 16, 2010 —Newton Security Inc, the global leader in the supply of machine vision single person detection systems, and Convergint Technologies, a North American systems integrator, have installed Newton Security Inc's patented T-DAR access control system at an employee entrance/exit point on the arrivals level of the Edmonton International Airport, Canada on November 1, 2009.

The installation of the T-DAR mantrap system will improve airport security by identifying and preventing occurrence of tailgating and piggybacking while decreasing the high cost of employing security personnel at the secure entrance/exit points.

Tailgating is the act of an unauthorized person discreetly walking through a door without consent after an authorized person. Piggybacking occurs when an authorized person holds a secure door open for another person that he or she perceives to have authorized access. This security violation avoids the electronic authorization system from the process and bypasses a security system's capability to reject an invalid or fraudulent pass.

"The T-DAR system has been approved by Canadian Air Transport Security Authority and is up and running on the ground side of the arrivals level for the employees," stated Jason Sangster, Manager of Security and Airline Operations at Edmonton International Airport. "The system eliminates the need for a security man post 24 hours a day. We are looking to have 2 more systems put in with an estimated installation date set for the end of 2011."

The Edmonton International Airport installation utilizes a portal equipped with a T-DAR mantrap system. The T-DAR system manages the flow of employees into the secure premises by ensuring that both doors are not opened at the same time and only one authorized person is in the portal when access is granted. Once the access control reader in the mantrap is validated and the T-DAR system detects only one person in the mantrap, access is granted. When the occupant has been verified, the T-DAR system locks the public-side door and unlocks the secure-side door, allowing one person into the secure area.

The T-DAR solution is utilized globally in airports, government buildings, data centers, research laboratories, financial concerns, power plants, manufacturing sites, unmanned immigration and virtually every other category of secure areas.