Keyscan introduces the TDS

Whitby, Ontario, June 8, 2010 – Keyscan inc. is pleased to announce the addition of the TDS to its product solutions for access control.

Keyscan’s tailgating detection system (TDS) is designed for high security applications where tailgating presents a serious threat. The TDS system uses a curtain of 32 IR sensors to determine if more than on person has passed through to a secure area on a single valid card read. The TDS triggers an audible alarm, alerting anyone in the area of the security breach, as well as activating an alarm relay that can be interfaced with an access control system.

For high security areas such as server rooms, man traps, clean rooms, and other security sensitive areas, the TDS adds an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access. Each TDS system comes with a Keyscan reader that can be installed within the unit. For ordering options for the TDS please contact Keyscan.

Keyscan is a privately-owned manufacturer of access control security systems. A market leader in electronic access control with unsurpassed customer service and technical support, Keyscan offers flexible, scalable, and adaptable systems that deliver world-class solutions for real-world security challenges. Keyscan systems are used across a broad market spectrum for securing industrial, commercial, government, institutional, and residential buildings.

For more information about the TDS contact Keyscan at 1-888-KEYSCAN or visit our website at