Honeywell launches IdentIPoint access control system

MINNEAPOLIS, June 15, 2010 – Honeywell today introduced IdentIPoint, an IP-based access control system that shifts system intelligence to the card reader using smartcard technology. IdentIPoint eliminates the need for centralized access controllers, and allows access decisions to be made locally between the smartcard and the card reader. The result is a more secure, flexible and scalable system that is less expensive to deploy and maintain.

"IdentIPoint represents a true shift in how building operators manage access control throughout their facilities," said Paul Orzeske, president of Honeywell Building Solutions. "Instead of running low-voltage cabling from a door to an expensive controller stored in a remote location, the reader can be placed at any door and connected to the nearest network point-of-presence. And because the security credentials are managed by the smartcard, the number of cardholders a reader can support is virtually limitless."

Traditional access control systems in commercial facilities rely on controllers connected to card readers to manage physical access at entry points. There is often significant cost in deploying these systems, both in wiring and hardware, since controllers are typically located far from the card readers they manage. Memory constraints also limit the number of points an individual controller can support, creating an inflexible architecture when new doors need to be secured.

The IdentIPoint system features a smartcard that contains all cardholder credentials, including access rights, permissions and a biometric template if applicable. This makes the card more than just a unique number, but also a certificate of authenticity used to validate the user. When the smartcard is presented to a network-connected IdentIPoint card reader, the access decision is made locally at the reader instead of an access controller. And the subsequent transaction is logged by Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI), a facility management platform that boosts efficiency and reduces operating costs by integrating core building technology.

In addition to reading cardholder credentials, the IdentIPoint smartcard uses a microprocessor to write information directly from the reader, making cardholder enrollment and security updates dramatically easier. Cardholders can be enrolled into the system through any designated IdentIPoint card reader, and if a cardholder’s role or access rights need to be modified, their updated credentials will automatically be written to the smartcard.

IdentIPoint also allows building operators to secure remote doors where networks are not present. When a cardholder accesses a remote door, the standalone reader can write access events to the smartcard, enabling the transaction to automatically upload to EBI as soon as the cardholder accesses a network-connected reader.

Additional features and benefits include:

- Security threat level management software that allows building operators to reconfigure card readers across the entire system within seconds using EBI.
- Support for Power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing both power and communications to be handled over one single network cable.
- Support for WiFi 802.11 connectivity, adding greater flexibility in network architecture.
- 128-bit encryption using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for all network communications from the smartcard to the reader and from the reader to EBI.
- Auto-discovery tools and wireless handheld device support that make installation, configuration and commission far simpler.
- Several card reader models that fit any architecture and requirement, including Basic, Standard and Fingerprint.

Honeywell is already working with customers to install IdentIPoint; general availability is expected in the third quarter of 2010.