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Pelco launches fixed thermal imaging camera

Clovis, CA (December 16, 2008) – From fog to foliage to total darkness, there's nowhere to hide with the new Pelco TI2500 fixed thermal imaging camera. Delivering 24/7 video security and protection, the TI2500 is ideal for the most critical applications.

"Pelco's range of thermal imaging cameras are an ideal choice for any installation that requires the ability to secure an area irrespective of the lighting conditions," says Pelco Product Manager Alex Doorduyn. "Furthermore, it offers the additional benefit of avoiding the need for good lighting to secure an area, saving the user energy bills and prevents 'highlighting' those assets that require protection."

With the ability to look at any structure and see the slightest shift in temperature, the TI2500 instantly spots leaks, ruptures, hotspots, animals, or intruders. This technology allows security personnel to detect threats without the need for natural or artificial illumination and works in all types of weather and lighting conditions. The TI2500 produces high-quality thermal video with enough data for the use of both Pelco and third-party analytics.

The TI2500 can be used for in-plant surveillance, perimeter monitoring, high-value asset protection, and any application where subtle differences in appearance cannot be detected through traditional camera systems and where changes in temperature output or an undiscovered intruder can mean serious trouble.

The TI2500 Series has a detection range of 1,902 feet (580 m) to 2,736 feet (834 m) and is available in both NTSC and PAL formats, with lens sizes available in 35 mm and 50 mm.