Trailer Dog announces patented security system for mobile and offsite assets

York, PA- Trailer Dog, Inc. has unleashed a new, state of the art product, bringing customers a full line of patented security systems for any mobile asset.

For many, the theft of valuable contents not only carries the monetary loss, but there is also the headache and stress associated with filling out insurance forms, filing police reports and replacing what was stolen. Whatever you are hauling – boats, campers, motorcycles, ATVs or a trailer to tow your tools and equipment back and forth from the jobsite – you need to make sure it is theft-proof.

Some preventative tools, like chains and locks, make the process of stealing your tow-behind much more difficult. However, the reality is that with just one snip of a chain cutter, the thief can be off with some, if not all, of your belongings. Additionally, some determined thieves simply hitch your trailer to their vehicle and tow everything away to a remote site where they pillage through your belongings and then leave your trailer abandoned and destroyed.

How does it work?

Trailer Dog has several security systems on the market, all with one goal in mind – to deter thieves. All Trailer Dog Security Systems can work off of solar energy (with battery back-up), making it ideal for locations where electricity isn’t available. When unauthorized activity is detected, units will sound two ear-piercing sirens, flash lights and even lock trailer brakes (if applicable). Often times, the siren and lights alone will be enough to make a thief run. But for additional peace-of-mind, G units come with real-time GPS tracking, cellular notifications and can be remotely controlled though the Internet.

Additionally, units are completely customizable to fit your specific needs – whether it is to detect motion, smoke, fire or water. Any commercially available sensor can be adapted into the Trailer Dog Security System.
How big is the system?

The system is no larger than a flat-panel computer monitor, all Trailer Dog Security Systems are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Additionally, they are as easy, if not easier, to use as a car alarm.

How much does this security cost?

Trailer Dog Security Systems are extremely affordable, especially when you consider how much it would cost if you were a victim of theft just once. Not only would you need to replace all that was stolen, but you would also lose personal time while filling out insurance claims and police reports. The price of a Trailer Dog Security System may vary depending on what customizations you choose. Furthermore, systems are sold with complete installation instructions, and each has a one-year warranty.

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About Trailer Dog, LLC

Trailer Dog, LLC was founded in 2002 by Jack Landis, a carpenter by trade. Jack realized the need for a trailer security system when his construction trailer was broken into and his tools were stolen. After an exhaustive search that didn’t produce what he was looking for, he decided to develop his own security solution. Knowing that power is not normally available, Jack designed the first solar-powered security system on the market.

Since its inception, Trailer Dog has continued to advance its product line with new technologies, most recently with GPS tracking and two-way cellular communication systems with digital picture-taking capabilities.