United Supermarkets Stores use OnSSI, MobileCamViewer solutions

Texas chain combines networked cameras and mobile access to video

mobiDEOS Enterprise Software brings remote video monitoring and remote intelligence to the palm of the Loss Prevention and Operations team without sacrificing security nor adding work for IT team. The solution is transparent to the enterprise network settings.

"We are very pleased to solve customer problem and provide value by bringing video to cell phones anytime/anywhere without sacrificing the enterprise security," added Sri Palasamudram, CEO, mobiDEOS, Inc. "With mobiDEOS Enterprise server video can be streamed to cell phones without modifying firewall policies nor opening or forwarding ports, which makes is very IT friendly."

"The retail environment provides a rapid return-on-investment for networked video systems," said Gadi Piran, President and Chief Technology Officer, OnSSI. "United Supermarkets is seeing that ROI value every day, and instant access to video on a smart phone enables managers and loss prevention professionals a higher level of awareness and control of store operations. For United Supermarkets, and for other retailers of all sizes and types, IP-based video combines real-time response with powerful capabilities to investigate incidents after the fact."

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