Potter Electric Signal Company

New high security sensors released by Potter

St. Louis, MO – Potter’s new P2 Series HSS High Security Sensors are listed to the new UL634 Level 2 High Security Standard for use in SCIF’s, financial institutions, nuclear facilities, data centers, military and other high level secure applications.

The P2 HSS is highly resistant to external and internal magnetic defeat. The sensors inside will detect the presence of a stronger defeat magnet placed on any surface of the HSS, and the removal tamper circuit will alarm before the HSS can be removed.

The construction of the P2 HSS devices incorporates the patented, award winning Magnasphere switch technology. The electrical components and magnetic actuation are completely encapsulated with epoxy allowing the P2 HSS models to conform to the requirements of UL 913 and be used as an intrinsically safe simple apparatus device in hazardous locations.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Potter Electric Signal Company by phone at 866-240-1870, via email at sales@pottersignal.com or at www.pottersignal.com