AS&E receives $7.3M order from parcel inspection systems

BILLERICA, Mass. – December 21, 2009 – American Science and Engineering, Inc., a leader in X-ray detection technology, announced today the receipt of a $7.3 million follow-on order from a Middle East customer for a significant quantity of Gemini parcel inspection systems. The order includes service, parts and warranty.

“We are pleased to receive this third order from our valued Middle East client to safeguard their high-threat facilities,” said Anthony Fabiano, President and CEO. “We believe that the Gemini system’s combination of Z Backscatter X-ray and dual-energy transmission technology provides the most attractive value proposition for parcel inspection available today. More and more customers are discovering the benefits of the Gemini system’s superior threat detection with a proven multi-technology platform for checkpoint security.”

Unique Multi-technology Parcel Inspection Systems

The Gemini parcel inspection system is the lowest cost multi-technology parcel inspection system on the market and the only system to combine AS&E’s patented Z Backscatter technology and dual-energy transmission. AS&E’s patented Z Backscatter technology provides enhanced detection of organic materials such as explosives (including sheet and liquid explosives), drugs, and plastic weapons which are easily missed by transmission-only systems in cluttered parcels. Z Backscatter technology’s photo-like images are easy to interpret, thereby speeding analysis time, potentially decreasing bags flagged for secondary screening, and reducing operator fatigue. Dual-energy transmission provides outstanding image quality, and enables the quick detection of a wide variety of threats such as guns, knives, and wires for IEDs. In addition, dual-energy offers organic and metallic discrimination. Together, the Gemini system’s two technologies provide the most information available about the contents of a parcel.

The Gemini 6040, Gemini 7555, and Gemini 100100 systems offer multiple tunnel sizes to inspect air cargo, large packages, break-bulk cargo, mail and other small parcels to meet the security requirements for Customs checkpoints, high-threat facilities, building lobbies, air-cargo facilities, and mailrooms.