High-Lites introduces HPL Series of photoluminescent exit signs

Wallingford, Connecticut - High-Lites has introduced the HPL Series of photoluminescent exit signs that are available in framed and un-framed versions. HPL Series exit signs are designed to absorb and store ambient fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor light energy, without any need for battery or electric power making them an ideal, energy conserving choice for “green” projects. In the event of a building power outage or other ambient lighting interruption, the HPL exit’s stored light energy immediately creates a clearly visible photo luminescent panel showing the egress path to the nearest exit. This reduces risk of panic or injury during a building evacuation and eliminates the problem of nonfunctional exit signs in emergency situations.

HPL Series photoluminescent exit signs offer these outstanding features:

- Requires no electricity or batteries to operate
- Utilizes no mechanical or electrical components
- Requires no maintenance or periodic inspections
- Saves on energy and maintenance costs
- Provides maximum reliability 24/7/365
- Consistent, uniform illumination
- Visible at 50 feet in total blackout
- Non-toxic and non-radioactive
- Designed for wall surface, end or ceiling mounting
- Low-profile installation (1/4” or less)
- Can be used for both high-level and low-level (floor proximity) applications
- 25-year product life
- Meets NFPA Life Safety Code 101, NEC, OSHA, and is UL924 listed
- Available options include special wording and 8” letter models

High-Lites is a Philips group brand and a leading manufacturer of innovative emergency lighting luminaires, exit signs and back-up power systems for the electrical specification and construction industry.