ERICO debuts new fence and gate post clamps

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – SOLON, Ohio, USA, May 2009 – Fence and Gate Post Clamps, part of the ERITECH line of Facility Electrical Protection products from ERICO, help protect your valuable facilities, equipment and personnel when lightning or other transient voltages occur.

Made from high-copper content alloy, the new clamps connect to a ground conductor to bond all ground points together, eliminating ground loops and creating an equipotential plane. Part of the ERICO Six Point Plan of Protection, the Fence and Gate Post Clamps allow the ground conductor to dissipate energy into a low-impedance grounding system.

For added security, the tinned clamps provide a theft-deterrent appearance. All of the clamps feature stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers, and each clamp is marked with the corresponding part number and conductor range. The Fence and Gate Post Clamps are ideal for applications, such as lightning protection, fault current ground, signal reference grid and static ground.

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