RGB Spectrum announces new fiber cabling solution

March 23, 2009, Alameda, CA - RGB Spectrum announces XtendView FiberDVI, a compact single fiber DVI cabling solution for distances up to 10001. Fiber DVI consists of transmit and receive modules, with industry standard SC type jacks for easy connection of multimode fiber. A "headshell" solution with miniaturized electronics that fits entirely within the connector housing, XtendView FiberDVI eliminates external boxes and simplifies installation. The DDC channel containing EDID information is combined with the DVI video so only a single fiber is needed.

Fiber optic cable is ideal for transmitting DVI signals over moderate to long distances. It is lightweight, secure, and immune to EMF and RFI interference. Different cables are available for special requirements, including plenum-rated and armored types. And where "sniff-proof" security is needed, fiber is the only solution.

For added ease of installation, the modules offer a variety of power options: USB power, an external power adapter, or in the case of the transmit module, PIN-power. With easy-to-terminate, widely available SC connectors, XtendView FiberDVI is an elegant solution that has been missing from the market.

RGB Spectrum is a leading designer and manufacturer of videographic and multimedia hardware subsystems. Products include the View family of video windowing systems, the RGB/Videolink line of scan converters, the Linx DVI Matrix Switchers, the DGy digital recording system, Quadra DVI universal scaler and synchronizer, SynchroMaster keyers and overlayers and ComputerWall and MediaWall multi-screen display controllers. RGB Spectrum is based in Alameda, California, and can be reached at 510-814-7000 and on the internet at http://www.rgb.com.