Rapiscan advanced baggage scanner reaches milestone

TORRANCE, Calif., Nov. 23, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Rapiscan Systems, a leading supplier of security inspection systems, announced today that over 1000 of its 620DV advanced baggage scanning systems have been sold to airports worldwide, making it one of the world's most widely deployed multi view baggage solution for checkpoint security.   As previously announced, TSA has placed the Rapiscan 620DV AT on TSA's Qualified Technology List (QTL) for next generation Advanced Technology X-ray, which is reserved for those technologies that meet TSA's most recent threat detection standards for the technology.  The 620DV features new and improved software, making it the most sophisticated checkpoint baggage scanner in the world.  

Because of its advanced software architecture, the 620DV scanner has the ability to adapt to the increasingly challenging requirements of an evolving security environment.  In addition to meeting the TSA's toughest requirements for threat indicator capabilities, the 620DV baggage scanning solution is less expensive, smaller and more energy efficient than competing solutions.  Thanks to the system's advanced threat detection software and high resolution dual view imaging, it is also ideal for non-aviation applications such as military checkpoints, customs inspection and protection of critical infrastructure.  Specifically, the latest generation 620DV:

  • Generates multiple views of items being scanned, which allows for more opportunity for operators to identify explosives and other potential threats, thereby expediting the screening process while improving airport security.  
  • Pinpoints the location of a potential threat so the item can be found immediately, without requiring an operator to physically search bags.  
  • Is able to indicate potential liquid explosive threats.
  • Allows screeners to quickly divert potentially threatening items to a separate inspection area, so that passengers can continue through lines uninterrupted.  
  • Can be equipped with an automated bin return and diversion system which eliminates the need for operators to collect and organize bins

"Evidenced by international acceptance of the 620DV, and increasing interest in places such as Australia, Asia and Europe, the 620DV is a win-win for passengers and security screeners," said Rapiscan President Ajay Mehra. "We're setting the industry standard for quickly and efficiently indicating potential threats.  Rapiscan has sold a thousand of these units and is poised to continue this growth as it continues trials and deployments globally."