Axis Communications

World's largest furniture supplier deploys network cameras

Axis Communications announced today that Axis network cameras are being installed in the world's biggest furniture supplier to keep track of the number of visitors passing in and out of the stores. The installation comprises some hundred cameras equipped with software from Axis' partner Cognimatics.

"There is a clear trend in the retail sector towards using network cameras equipped with intelligent software for other purposes than surveillance. This means that our network cameras are increasingly being used to optimize sales efforts and to streamline staff, store and inventory planning on site or remotely. Together with our partners we offer solutions tailored to customer needs," says Johan kesson, Director Business Development, Axis Communications.

The order involves the AXIS 209FD and AXIS 212 PTZ Network Cameras, which will be mounted in the ceiling at store entrances and exits and automatically keep track of the number of visitors passing in and out. All video processing and counting will be done by the individual cameras, making the solution reliable, fast and very easy to use. As a security feature data is stored locally in the cameras for one month and can be remotely collected over a network. Data can be accessed live and data from several stores and regions may be aggregated for analytical purposes. The solution is practically infinitely scalable and standard camera equipment is the only hardware needed for the complete setup.

Axis partner Cognimatics will supply its TrueView People Counter software for measuring visitor traffic. It is a powerful stand-alone people counting application embedded directly in Axis network cameras, letting users leverage existing IP networks. Cognimatics also supplies web-based statistical software for managing and analyzing counting data. The complete solution is easily installed in an existing local area network and configuration can be done at any physical location using a standard web-based interface.

"By using our people counter, our clients enjoy a 100 % IP-based solution where all counting and data processing is done inside standard network cameras, using the built-in processor. The solution provides retailers with precise knowledge about customer traffic statistics which allows them to increase the performance of their business. It is probably the market's most affordable systems in all aspects of installation, operation and maintenance," says Tomas Tengren, Director of Marketing and Sales of Cognimatics.