Panasonic and mobiDEOS develop remote home surveillance solution

Panasonic and mobiDEOS, a California-based provider of residential and industrial solutions, announced Thursday that they have developed a remote home surveillance monitoring application that can help parents keep latchkey children safe.

The solution is an integration of Panasonic’s i-Pro IP cameras and mobiDEOS’ MobileCamViewer, a downloadable mobile software application that enables users to view surveillance camera footage through a cell phone. Not only does MobileCamViewer allow the user to monitor the camera with their mobile phone, it also provides them with an easy to use interface that lets them control the camera’s pan, tilt, zoom, and object tracking functions.

"What we really offer is cost and time savings," said mobiDEOS CEO Sri Palasamudram. "People who are away (from their home or business)… they want to see what is happening. Say, you’re at the airport or the mall or whatever (and you receive word of an alarm), you can pull up (MobileCamViewer) and see if you have a false alarm or not."

MobileCamViewer is available through most major cell carriers, Panasonic and mobiDEOS dealers or directly from the company’s Web site at