DriMark Products launches new Counterfeit Detector System

Atlanta, GA, June 14, 2010 -- DriMark Products, Inc., launches its new Counterfeit Detector System at the annual National Retail Federation Loss Prevention Show in Atlanta today (booth 324). The system features a dual counterfeit detector test in one convenient, pocket-sized unit, enabling retail cashiers to easily authenticate U.S. currency at the point of sale.

The new DriMark system adds an ultraviolet light to its original Counterfeit Detector Pen. The light reveals the micro-printed strip embedded in all $5 through $100 U.S. bills printed after 1996, stating the denomination of the bill. The light is also effective on credit cards and checks, which have a hidden security thread as well.

"High quality, inexpensive digital printers have made it easier for counterfeiters to produce fakes that are almost indistinguishable from authentic notes. A two-step test gives retailers an extra safeguard in screening out bad bills," said Cathy Williams-Owen, DriMark President & Chief Financial Officer. "Coupled with our best-selling anti-counterfeiting pen, which uses special ink to authenticate currency paper stock, the UV light gives retailers, club owners and other cash businesses an important new level of protection at the register."

Former Secret Service Agent Larry Goddard, an expert on counterfeit prevention, said, "The DriMark Counterfeit Detector System is an excellent front-line defense and deterrent to prevent loss from counterfeit money. It is highly effective and highly recommended." The Secret Service is responsible for policing and preventing counterfeiting of U.S. currency.