SightLogix appoints David Frampton director of government programs

PRINCETON, NJ, December 10 / MARKET WIRE/ --

SightLogix, maker of high quality outdoor automated surveillance and detection systems, has named David Frampton Director of Government Programs. A seasoned expert in the security market, much of that time devoted to the sale, specification and management of large government electronic security programs, Mr. Frampton is well suited to help SightLogix add substantially to its existing base of government business.

Expanding on the announcement, John Romanowich, SightLogix' President and CEO noted that "Dave has been working in the security market for more than 20 years and brings integrity and a wealth of experience in building relationships that will help SightLogix' customers. His experience with capture teams," Romanowich continued, "has let him serve, with great success, in the specification, sale and delivery of large scale governmental and non-governmental programs. His background working with both integrators and manufacturers gives him a unique perspective on what is required to secure critical asset facilities."

Most recently, Mr. Frampton was Sales/Business Development Specialist within Cisco Systems Emerging Technologies Group, overseeing commercial and enterprise teams in 16 states in the U.S. and Canada. Prior to that, he was Eastern Sales Manager and Technical Services Manager for SyPixx Networks, now a part of Cisco. He also served as Director of Engineering, Program Manager and Project Manager for Johnson Controls and operated for several years as an independent security consultant.

As part of his involvement with government projects, Mr. Frampton managed fiber-optic and CCTV system designs for the U.S. Capitol Complex and for the U.S. Treasury Department's Bureau of Engraving and Printing, under the direction of the Volpe Center. He has also worked on projects involving top secret DOD operations and was project manager for the installation of Closed Circuit Flight Line video systems for 21 USAF bases worldwide.

SightLogix automated, outdoor surveillance solutions have been deployed by commercial and government organizations for critical infrastructure protection around the world, including Aviation, Petro-Chemical, DoD, FEDGOV, Electrical Utilities, Water/Waste Water, Data Centers, Ports, Borders, Universities, and Rail Transportation, at substantially lower cost than alternative methods.

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