Retica Systems demonstrates new iris, face ID system

Waltham, MA – May 6, 2009 – Retica Systems announced that it will demonstrate the latest gen3 release of its Eagle-Eyes multimodal iris and face capture and identification system at the 2009 Annual Biometrics and Forensics Summit, in San Diego, CA. Eagle-Eyes offers the longest distance, largest capture volume area for identifying multiple individuals, simultaneously in high-volume throughput applications such as border control, customs and airport security, critical infrastructure security, building access control and many others.

Eagle-Eyes has been proven in US government evaluation programs to solve the accuracy and throughput problems that legacy fingerprint and facial biometric systems have been promising for over a decade. “Our Eagle-Eyes Gen 3 multimodal iris and face capture and identification system enables accurate identification of multiple individuals simultaneously, in real time, without needing cooperative subjects,” said Paul Frasca, Retica Executive Vice President of Global Sales. “With a capture volume of greater than 95 m3 and a standoff distance of up to10 meters, this system can process more people, faster and from farther away than any other system available today,” he added.

Eagle-Eyes uses multiple cameras with hierarchically-ordered fields of views, a highly precise pan-tilt unit (PTU) and a long focal length zoom lens. The system is driven by innovative algorithms that perform wide-area video surveillance, object detection and tracking, precision pointing, and face and dual iris acquisition.

For systems integrators and value added resellers, an Eagle-Eyes Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to rapidly integrate into customer applications. The Eagle-Eyes SDK can be combined with Retica’s Rapid-Match matching algorithm SDK and Mobile-Eyes dual iris capture device SDK for a complete, high performance iris recognition solution.

Retica will be showcasing Eagle-Eyes at the 2009 Annual Biometrics and Forensics Summit at the San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina, Booth # 116, from May 12-14.