Intellitactics introduces SAFE LP

Reston, VA, April 28 , 2009— Intellitactics, a global provider of security information and event management (SIEM) solutions for every enterprise budget, announced availability of Intellitactics SAFE LP to enable everyday compliance with NERC CIP standards. Intellitactics SAFE automates the tasks required to comply with regulatory standards: log collection, storage, compliance reports and event detection to mitigate risk. In addition to audit worthy reports SAFE’s event explorer provides instant access to logs and events to improve understanding and accelerate investigation of control violations most likely to put critical infrastructure at risk. SAFE is one energy efficient appliance, capable of organizing logs and notifying operators and security analysts of control violations or anomalies that put the enterprise at risk.

Sunil Bhargava, CTO, Intellitactics explains the benefits of SAFE: “The NERC CIP standards (  like PCI, HIPAA, SOX and others, provide a guidance for strengthening security and protecting mission critical infrastructures . In fact, bulk electric entities must be in compliance with these standards by the end of June 2009. Intellitactics’ utility customers use the SAFE LP appliance as a foundation for complying with information security related standards for all their compliance initiatives – not just NERC. Without spending more they’re able to use SAFE’s easy to use the reports and event monitoring capability to automate the daily tasks required to be secure and compliant every day. NERC focused reports ( are easily accessed from the navigation tree - along with PCI, SOX and other compliance related reports.”

“New guidance from NERC has prudently suggested that entities within the bulk power system take a new and comprehensive look at which assets are deemed to be critical, and at the methodologies used to determine the risks from cyber crime and cyber terrorism,” said Derek E. Brink, vice president and research fellow for IT Security, Aberdeen Group. ( “SIEM solutions can be especially helpful in correlating information and events to increase visibility across these highly interconnected systems, and in understanding the potential impact of compromise of these critical assets.”

Pam Casale, Chief Marketing Officer Intellitactics describes pragmatic approach to NERC compliance, “Recent headlines reflect the criminal efforts of cyber spies who are allegedly targeting utilities and threatening the availability of the national power grid. NERC provides guidance in many areas and the SAFE appliances provide a centerpiece to the overall information security plan. SAFE provides scalable, world-class event monitoring and correlation used to proactively stop these threats and protect this critical information infrastructure.”

The primary objective for NERC standards is to ensure the reliability of the bulk power system in North America. These standards include critical cyber asset identification, security management controls, personnel and training, electronic security perimeters, physical security of critical cyber assets, systems security management, incident reporting and response planning and recovery plans for critical cyber assets. Non-compliance with NERC standards can result in fines as high as $1 million per day per violation, based on incident severity and a number of risk factors. Many leading utilities are using Intellitactics to secure their power generation and transmission infrastructure against growing global cyber threats.

Intellitactics SAFE automates the tasks of everyday compliance. Compliance with industry/ regulatory standards or internal policies, depends on an organization’s ability to enforce data security policies with information security controls. SAFE verifies and validates that controls put in place to enforce policies are working. SAFE automates the everyday compliance tasks like log acquisition, review, analysis, notification and reporting. SAFE transforms ambiguous logs into easy to understand security events. All the data is normalized, meaning that unlike logs can be combined for reporting, dashboards and charts. Intellitactics has tailored SAFE to offer a fully capable data security management solution on one right-sized SAFE appliance. See for yourself how SAFE simplifies compliance and security. (

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