Agilence 3.2 Standard Edition makes its debut

Camden, N.J. (May 4, 2009) — Agilence, Inc., a leader in intelligent video analysis solutions, today announced the release of Agilence 3.2 Standard Edition. The latest offering from Agilence serves as a highly scalable operational intelligence solution for small to midsized retailers.
With cashier shrink at the point-of-sale costing retailers billions of dollars every year, Agilence 3.2 Standard Edition focuses on organizations with fewer POS terminals and fewer transactions per day.

The Agilence solution goes beyond traditional exception based reporting and enables retailers to identify fraudulent activities such as sweethearting, discounting, coupon and promotion fraud, as well as credit card and check fraud. Agilence’s software also helps detect operational inefficiencies that lead to shrink by evaluating such items as open rings and processing errors while improving the cash handling process.

“Shrink numbers across the retail market are on the rise at alarming rates,” states Derek Rodner, VP of Product Strategy for Agilence. “With Standard Edition we have created an inexpensive solution that helps smaller retailers pinpoint cashier shrink and uncover the hidden shrink caused by operational errors that severely impact the profitability of an organization.”
Agilence 3.2 Standard Edition leverages fully-integrated and patented item-level synchronization software which pulls data directly from the point-of-sale (POS) system and marries the data with video. Item-level synchronization means that the individual item scans within a transaction are directly tied to associated video images.

The Agilence solution includes a powerful query tool called Audit Station, which enables loss prevention analysts to quickly isolate and identify suspect transactions. It also includes Control Room VMS (video management system) that works with both analog and IP cameras to take advantage of existing infrastructure and assist with the transition to new technology. An embedded NVR (network video recorder) with 30 days of storage is optional.

Agilence 3.2 Standard Edition joins Agilence 3.2 Enterprise Edition – a system designed for retailers with higher volume and a need for more video storage. Both versions are available as a traditional license and maintenance model or through AgilenceOn – the monthly subscription model that includes Agilence Analysts. These professional analysts, based in Agilence’s corporate headquarters, are all former LP or operations experts, having joined directly from the retail space. This team identifies potential incidents and delivers them directly to the user’s desktop, allowing retailers to concentrate on serving customers and running the business.
Agilence enables early fraud detection leading to higher prevention and deterrence. Both the standard and enterprise editions provide customers with access to point-of-sale terminals across thousands of stores within a chain from a single interface.