TeleEye debuts new DVR series

TeleEye Group introduces a range of feature-rich and user-friendly 4-, 8- and 16-channel RA Series digital video recorder incorporating with advanced proprietary SMAC compression technology.

Excellent recording performance

With SMAC compression technology, TeleEye RA can provide up to 60% longer recording time than other MPEG-4 DVRs with no compromise on video quality. TeleEye RA features excellent DVD quality recording performance. It offers multiple recording modes and full control of recording rate and picture.

User friendly operation

In order to facilitate the triplex operation of simultaneous monitoring, recording and playback functions, TeleEye RA is equipped with both composite and VGA video outputs which allows for the use of low cost flat screen displays.

TeleEye RA can be controlled by using the IR remote control or through the OSD menu. It supports most popular telemetry protocols. The RA series supports fast video extraction through the USB interface and a hard disk health check function. Scheduled, alarm and motion triggered record functions are also available in the TeleEye RA series of 4, 8 and 16 channel digital video recorders.

With its user-friendly operations and competitive price, TeleEye RA Series is certainly your best choice of digital video recorder.