GeoVision integrates license plate recognition solution with IP technology

GeoVision, a leading digital surveillance system manufacturer and video analytics software developer, is proud to announce that its GV-LPR/ANPR Systems now support IP Cameras. By integrating with IP Cameras, the GV-LPR/ANPR System is transformed into an IP-based license plate recognition system that delivers high resolution of video quality and unsurpassed plate recognition performance.

The GV-LPR/ANPR is an advanced application for license plate recognition/automatic number plate recognition. It has high recognition rate and high recognition speed. Its product line is comprised of PC-based LPR systems, standalone DSP LPR systems, LPR IR camera, and LPR Center for central monitoring management. GV-LPR/ANPR System is featured with database (multiple hotlists) to process and record the recognized license plate numbers for database match. The database match function is ideal for parking service and police enforcement purposes. For instance, if the plate numbers match the VIP customers’ database of a parking lot, the system will pop up the name and photo of the customer with captured car video and trigger the fence to lift open to allow passage.

The cooperation of GV-LPR/ANPR system and GV-IP camera provides an effective solution for vehicle monitoring. In addition to receiving video from GV-IR Cameras, the GV-LPR/ANPR System can now integrate video from GV-IP Camera as its video source. The GV-IP Cameras are 1.3 megapixel high resolution digital cameras that support MJPEG and MPEG4 video dual streaming compression. Equipped with progressive scan CCD sensor, the GV-IP Camera can capture ultra smooth video images of high speed vehicles running on highways. With its capability of 1280x960 high definition and 4 times higher resolution than conventional D1 cameras, the GV-IP Camera can be used for multiple lanes monitoring without losing details.

The GV-LPR/ANPR System provides seamless integration with GV-DVR System for license plate reading, video monitoring and recording. It can enforce the security in parking lots, gas stations, toll collection, and highways. The GV-LPPR/ANPR supports license plates from more than 35 countries.

For more info on GV-LPR/ANPR products, please go to GV-LPR website.