Maryland Transit Administration deploys Aralia Systems solution

Aralia Systems Ltd, headquartered in Milnwood, Horsham, West Sussex, England is deploying their advanced intelligent video surveillance software solution at Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) passenger rail stations under the second phase of a video surveillance contract, partially funded by the Department of Homeland Security.

ARALIA SYSTEMS LTD has concluded work on eleven station sites and a monitoring facility in October under PHASE I of the contract using the ILEX, IBERIS and ASTER intelligent and scalable video surveillance system software. The ARALIA software solution is able to alert the user of unusual events such as intrusion of secured areas, loitering or unattended luggage. The system alerts the user to any breach of restrictions, it also stores a stream of captured video for a period of time to allow future analysis, as needed.

“Aralia stood out from among numerous vendors offering analytical video management systems because their software is based around a relational database, thus providing robust search and alarm capabilities based upon SQL queries as opposed to simple content searches. Aralia’s system is comprised of commercial off-the-shelf hardware and open standards IT servers thus accommodating ease of maintenance and scalability. Security personnel have found the user interface easy to navigate to access camera views, retrieve stored video, perform retrospective searches, and to define alarm criteria per camera,” said Vern Hartsock, PMP Deputy Director of Engineering. “The Maryland Transit Administration is very satisfied with the reliability of the system and pleased that it has been used successfully to thwart fraudulent injury claims as well as to improve homeland security surveillance capabilities. The MTA is currently planning integration of the system with emergency blue light stations, wireless video from transit vehicles, and access control systems to achieve state-of-the-art security for mass transit patrons and employees.”

The CEO of ARALIA Systems G.C. Wright said “Following successful deployment of PHASE I, ARALIA has been awarded PHASE II which includes the supplying of all software and services for a further seven stations. ARALIA has the potential of satisfying all the MTA CCTV requirements. The ARALIA system is based around the use of non-proprietary relational databases and Internet Protocol based networks that provides connectivity to all MTA CCTV sites.”

Aralia Systems can be contacted at their Baltimore office, One N. Charles, Suite 302, Baltimore, MD, 21201 by telephone (443) 692-3597 or Email: