DFW area implements regional risk management

MCLEAN, Va., May 7 -- Digital Sandbox, Inc., a leading provider of advanced risk-management software and analysis services, announced today that the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington (DFWA), Texas Urban Area has deployed a comprehensive risk management capability built around Digital Sandbox's Risk Analysis Center (RAC). The initiative, coordinated through the North Central Texas Council of Governments, allows the urban area to make decisions using a defensible, transparent analytic approach based on quantified risks for the first time.

RAC services now available to DFWA include cataloging critical infrastructure/key resources (CIKR), creating localized threat profile and supporting software models, assessing capabilities for CIKR supporting the Department of Homeland Security National Preparedness Plan, prioritized risk ranking for resource allocation, and web-based executive dashboards for continuous visibility, decision-making, and event management.

Working directly with the core cities, Digital Sandbox has also established a concept of operations for ongoing risk management, including workshops and training sessions, to ensure the program has the structure needed to drive results and long-term sustainability. In the coming months, the risk management engagement will expand to include additional cities and counties within the DFWA Urban Area.

Digital Sandbox will provide these risk management capabilities over a six-year contract period as a combination of managed services through the RAC, hosted software, and licensing. Rocky Vaz, Dallas' Manager of Intergovernmental Services, noted, "Digital Sandbox has given us the tools to improve our preparedness in a transparent, defensible way based on risk. We anticipate seeing improved decision-making and better communications immediately, and look forward to gaining the benefits of using this new system to support risk management for upcoming major events in the area, such as the 2010 NBA All-Star Game and Super Bowl VXV in 2011."

DFWA area decision-makers emphasized that a key factor in their decision to work with Digital Sandbox was Tampa, Florida's effective use of the RAC during that city's support of Super Bowl XVIII. DFWA was able to see Tampa's tangible results, including better resource allocation, improved security, risk-aware situational awareness, and reduced cost and resource burdens to manage risk.

Anthony Beverina, Digital Sandbox's President and co-founder, said, "We are excited to be working with another leading jurisdiction to help minimize the costs of risk and the time to respond effectively to incidents that do occur. The DFWA area's high profile and track record as a leading venue for important events make it a customer ideally suited to benefit from every aspect of the RAC's capabilities." DFWA joins Austin, Houston, and San Antonio among Texas urban areas that have selected Digital Sandbox solutions. The DFWA contract includes the ability to view critical infrastructure data in a Geographic Information System (GIS), as well as Digital Sandbox's Blast Effects Module for modeling structural consequences.

Digital Sandbox operates the Risk Analysis Center (RAC), a suite of analytic tools, information products, and services, to government agencies and private industry, enabling customers to optimize their strategic, policy, budgetary, and operational decisions with respect to terrorism and natural hazards risks. Since 1998, Digital Sandbox's dynamic risk management solutions have helped customers in the National Security, Homeland Security, and Corporate Security fields to lower risk exposure, optimize risk management budgets, and maximize the effectiveness of their limited resources. Visit Digital Sandbox at www.dsbox.com.