Securitas Direct selects new supplier of Fog Cannons

PROTECT to now supply security firm with fog security equipment

As more and more companies choose to expand the existing alarm system and protect their valuables with fog security, Dansikring Direct has chosen a new supplier of Fog Cannons. The choice fell on Danish PROTECT, who already provides fog security equipment to most of the world.

Dansikring Direct is the Danish brand of one of the largest security companies in the world: Securitas Direct – with more than 1.1 million customers in Europe.

Dansikring Direct has chosen PROTECT as new supplier of Fog Cannons. From the right Product Manager Stefan Poulsen, Branch Manager, Business Brian Soencksen; and PROTECT’s Account Manager Peter Moellerhøj with one of the redesigned Fog Cannons.

The statement from Dansikring Direct's Product Manager, Stefan Poulsen, could hardly be clearer:

“We have tested the fog security equipment on the market and found that PROTECT produces the best Fog Cannons - both in technique and design!”
- That is more than an important "detail" for us. If the customers experience poor technique, they get a bad impression of us. When it comes to design, it can always be discussed. But in a high-profile store needing to
be provided with the fog, it is not unimportant what is installed in the customer area. Therefore, we have also set high standards as to the machines’ appearance”, says Dansikring Direct's Branch Manager, Business
Brian Soencksen.

With branches in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland - as well as Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal, Securitas Direct is a very important security provider in Europe and Dansikring Direct is obviously a
very important new customer to PROTECT.

Businesses best secured

Nowadays it is mainly commercial enterprises which are secured with electronic alarm systems. And they choose to supplement with Fog Cannons to "save" the valuables from the thieves during the time space from
the burglary is committed until the police, watchman or owner arrive.
When the alarm is activated, the rooms are filled with thick and dense fog within few seconds, making it impossible for burglars to find valuables in the building.

- Within the range of business customers it is primarily retailers such as watchmakers, jewellers and opticians with easy-to-sell products who are fog secured. But even in major stores like perfumery departments, drugstores and departments for electric tools in DIY (do-it-yourself) centres we secure the part of the room that has the most valuable products, Stefan Poulsen elaborates.

With other business customers, it is often server rooms and meeting rooms with designer furniture and other expensive equipment that are secured with fog.

2-3 minutes to make a burglary

Although both guards and police are judged on their response time of activated alarms, it is impossible for
them to arrive quickly enough to prevent the thief from carrying out a burglary.

- It all happens so quickly. It only takes 2 to 3 minutes, from the minute the thief breaks through a door or a window and thus activating the electronic alarm until he flees, carrying the stolen goods, Stefan Poulsen explains.

Dansikring Direct offers, as the only company in Denmark, PIRCam which is a unique combination of a room sensor and an intelligent video camera. It is able to detect movements in the surveyed room. Dansikring Direct receives an alarm signal with a video sequence in order to verify the alarm and to give a correct message to the watchman and inform local police about a possible burglary. In the video sequence you will also be able to see if a Fog Cannon is activated.

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