Securitas Direct selects new supplier of Fog Cannons

PROTECT to now supply security firm with fog security equipment

- When the alarm is activated, a message with a video clip is sent via GPRS to our control centre, so that immediately we know what is happening and can respond to it, says Stefan Poulsen.

Danish quality

Fog security is developed as an additional form of security to traditional alarm systems. The sole Danish and
Nordic producer of Fog Cannons is PROTECT A/S in Hasselager situated South of Aarhus.

Since PROTECT was established in 2001, over 25,000 fog security systems have been installed for widely different customers such as educational establishments, opticians, jewellers, radio/TV and IT retailers, petrol
stations and private holiday cottages. Among others, the Danish bank, Jyske Bank, has secured its 120 branches with Fog Cannons, so that the bank’s expensive furniture, AV and IT equipment does not disappear. Furthermore, for example Georg Jensen (the world famous Danish jewellery designer) has
secured their shop on the main shopping street in Copenhagen with fog, just like JYSK (Danish owned multinational provider of articles for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, window and patio.) and Rema 1000 (Norwegian owned multinational supermarket chain) has secured their stores in Denmark.

The local contact is carried out by a nationwide network of alarm installers and dealers. Fog Cannons are installed as a supplement to other traditional alarm systems. When the alarm is activated, the room or rooms are filled with dense fog in seconds. This makes the thieves stay out of the room or leave immediately, if they are inside.

Fog is harmless to humans, animals, electronics and furniture, but so dense that it is quite impossible to find effects in the room - or move around in the rooms at all.

Since its foundation PROTECT has expanded rapidly nationally and internationally. Today PROTECT exports to more than 40 countries.