IndigoVision showcases ONVIF compliant software

Efforts from ONVIF (the Open Network Video Interface Forum) to create IP video standards amongst video surveillance system developers has taken root with IndigoVision, a UK company known for its IP video surveillance offerings. IndigoVision announced this week that it will be releasing an ONVIF version of its Control Center video management software in the second quarter of 2010. The company has been giving a preview of the ONVIF ready software at a number of recent security industry tradeshows, with the software connected to cameras from Axis and Bosch.

According to the company, which is an ONVIF member, this has been one of the earliest, if not the first public demonstrations of ONVIF-ready software managing ONVIF-ready cameras.

"We are keen to help develop the standards for IP video," said IndigoVision's CEO Oliver Vellacott in announcing the forthcoming version of the Control Center software. "We are active members on a number of the ONVIF working groups and are totally committed to providing a complete standards-compliant end-to-end IP security solution."

Besides the Control Center software, IndigoVision also produces a number of surveillance cameras, network video recorders (NVRs), video content analytics, and other solutions for video surveillance transmission and system integration.