Visonic launches new line of personal emergency alarm products

Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge home security and safety systems and components, announces the release of its Amber family of solutions. This Personal Emergency Response System (PERs), complete with safety and lifestyle management solutions, fills the critical need of protecting aging people while they continue living in their own familiar environments.

As life expectancy increases and people are living longer, seniors and others coping with ongoing health and safety concerns need varying levels of support to maintain their independence. Knowing they have a simple and dependable way to summon help in the case of emergency offers them, and their extended families, priceless peace of mind.

Visonic is proud to be a pioneer in this growing market. Its progressive Amber products provide a comprehensive, integrated, convenient and ultra-affordable personal emergency response system (PERS). The solutions support independent living with a full array of home and personal safety devices to detect dangers such as carbon monoxide (CO), smoke, floods and intrusions, as well as falls and unusual inactivity that may indicate a problem. Alerts and a large emergency button enable immediate connection to an emergency response service or designated personal contact.

“Visonic has leveraged its expertise and well-established reputation as a leading security and safety solution provider to develop a solution that covers the full range of safety and lifestyle management needs – from straightforward emergency response to enhanced safety reassurance and comprehensive telehealth support," said Dr. Avi Shachrai, President & CEO of Visonic.

Visonic’s Amber solutions can be easily adjusted to fit any end user’s requirements and budget. They include:
• AmberBasic – Personal emergency response system (PERS)
• AmberSelect – Comprehensive lifestyle and safety management solution (with option to add telehealth for Bluetooth enabled vital signs monitoring)

The Amber solutions provide an emergency calling function with built-in two-way voice functionality and a speakerphone. Calls can be directed to a central station or private telephone. In addition to producing alerts whenever specific dangers are sensed, these solutions further facilitate independence by providing daily activity and medication reminders and inactivity monitoring.

Amber solutions are highly reliable and remain active at all times. They include multiple functions including power failure and low or missing battery alerts, 24-hour backup battery, and programmable periodic tests so help is never more than a button-click away.

For added supervision, a full-featured telehealth support system can be incorporated into AmberSelect to include health status monitoring devices, including ECG, glucometer, blood pressure, and weight scale – and options for connectivity to a designated medical service center. These telehealth capabilities allow the user to remain at home while the medical monitoring staff routinely checks their vital signs.

“America’s growing elderly population presents a huge market for Personal Emergency Response products,” adds Bill Lyon, President, Visonic Americas. “Visonic’s Amber family of products is meeting a critical need and providing crucial connectivity between families and their chosen healthcare support throughout the Americas.”