Mintron releases new 14Bit WDR camera

Mintron’s 14Bit Dual Channel Super Wide Dynamic Camera with 1:100,000 wide dynamic range is ready now. The camera is a breakthrough of many traditional surveillance applications.

Comparing with all other WDR cameras in the market, the super wide dynamic camera has the following superior points that you cannot ignore:

Adjustable shutter and single exposure technology, no more conventional multi-exposure technology!! Able to capture fast-moving objects very well

- The widest dynamic range (1:100,000) in the current market so far by 14bit dual channel technology. Smear FREE!

- High sensitivity and high resolution. Optional board types in either super mini size 22mm x26mm or 42mm x42mm.

- Excellent low light function with 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction). Noise-free COLOR image under the darkness without any assistance of IR illuminator.

- ITU 656 and progressive scan type

- Easy to operate by OSD, easy for starters

- Low power consumption. Get less heat.

To see the performance of 14Bit Dual Channel Super Wide Dynamic Camera, Please visit us at IFSEC 2009 ( Birmingham, UK) Hall 5, C103.