SilentCall debuts new personal alarm solution

WATERFORD, MICHIGAN - For the first time anywhere a person with vision or hearing challenges can, by simply wearing the Silent Touch Watch, be alerted to dangers while walking anywhere in their house or backyard.

The Silent Touch Watch, the alerting tool developed by SilentCall Communications of Waterford, Michigan, will alert the wearer within 300 feet that a doorbell or phone is ringing, or that a smoke detector, fire alarm, or burglar alarm has been activated. The wearer is alerted by both a vibration and by a visual icon symbol lighting up on the display.

"The Silent Touch Watch is the first of its kind in the world," says George Elwell, President of Silent Call, "To my knowledge no one has developed anything like this anywhere in the world. It offers the same kind of security within 300 feet as our other products but has the distinct advantage of being portable."

The Silent Touch Watch can be used in conjunction with any Silent Call 418MHz transmitter. This amazing watch, which also has a wake-up alarm, can be used for home office workers to prevent them from being interrupted by the telephone or doorbell. Instead the worker receives a less intrusive visual or tactile alert that the doorbell or phone is ringing.

Silent Touch is also compatible with, and therefore can be hooked up to, any Sidekick II ™ Signature Series device which monitors doorbells, telephones, smoke detectors and fire alarms within 2,000 feet and alerts people with hearing problems that there is a visitor, phone call, or danger.

The Silent Touch Watch also is a wonderful safety tool for sound sleepers because it can be connected to the sleeper's mattress causing the bed to shake when any of the alarm transmitters are triggered," adds Lisa DeLeuil, Director of Sales for SilentCall.

Silent Touch comes with a travel case and docking station charger so that people who are blind, deaf or deaf-blind can place the watch on a nightstand, connect it to the mattress, and be woken by a vibrating mattress if an alert is received. A different vibration is sent to the mattress for each type of alert so the sleeper does not have to pick up the watch to see which type of alert has been sent.

The Silent Touch Watch will be available June 1, 2009, and may be ordered by going to or by calling 800) 572 5227 (voice/tty).

Elwell was motivated to start his business when he was trying to meet the needs of his brother-in-law who became permanently deaf at age two because of meningitis.

"One day I asked him how he would know if there was a fire in the house and he answered, 'When I smell the smoke'," explained Elwell. "That motivated me to create products that will produce flashing strobe lights and vibrations to alert deaf individuals to fire or smoke, a door bell or phone ringing and more. That was the beginning of SilentCall in 1987."

In 2007 Silent Call celebrated its 20th anniversary of producing products that keep people with hearing problems safe and secure in their homes and workplace. Now, with the 2009 introduction of Silent Touch, users can feel safe and secure while on the move.

All of Silent Call's products carry a five year warranty. The photo cell smoke detectors are powered by a lithium battery that will last up to 10 years.